Profile of Erika Kawashimo - "the poet of 47 strings"

~ the Harpist/Composer : Erika Kawashimo ~
erika01 Born in Tokyo, raised in Kobe / Graduated form Tokyo Art University harp department / Live in Hyogo Pref. in Japan
<Main activities so far>
'96 Performed at the dinner party with Thatcher English former prime minister
'97 Performed at the dinner party with Mahateel Malaysia prime misinter
'99 Performed at "the evening of the Andersen prize" award-giving ceremony with Michiko Japanese empress
'01 Performed at the opening reception of Kobe Lasse Hall
'02 Composed the harp original songs "The Legend of Mermaid - 100 songs"
'03 Released the first album "The Legend of Mermaid (Selections)"
'04 Performed at the strings concert in Astier Kasai
'05 Performed at the Kita-Harima Festival
'06 Now produce the harp CD, perform at various place, and teach the harp & the piano

♪ Classical Music
Clair De Lune(Debussy) / Pachelbel Canon(Pachelbel) / Fountain(Hiver) / Air from Overture No.3(Bach) /
Harp Concerto(Handel) / Fantasy(Saint-Saens) / Serenade(Schubert) / etc.
♪ Popular Music
My Way / Titanic / Romeo and Juliet / etc.
♪ Japanese Music
Kojo-no-tsuki / Sakura / Akatombo / Furusato / etc.
♪ Christmas Songs
Silent Night / Ave Maria / Jingle Bell / etc.
♪ Anime Songs
Disney Songs / Doraemon / Tonari-no-Totoro / etc.
♪ Erika's Original Music
"The Legend of Mermaid - 100 songs"(Vol.1~Vol.10)

<Talks with the famous person of the various professions>
erika02a erika02b
Jan.17 '05 Talked with Hideaki Hinohara - the director general of Japan Music Therapy Academy and the honorary director of Seiroka International Hospital honorary director.
We were praised our CD "The Legend of Mermaid" by him "The harp music that theme is Greek mythology is wonderful, and the harp tone fits healing perfectly."
erika03a erika03b
'84 Talked with Toshiro Mayuzumi who acted on a TV program about classical music.
We talked about music and religion.