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- The Legend of Mermaid (Special) -
- The Legend of Mermaid (Special) -
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Erika Kawashimo
Erika Kawashimo: The Legend of Mermaid

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1. Wisdom of flows Demo♪ 3'58"
2. A church Demo♪ 2'42"
3. Meeting 2'56"
4. Aphrodite 3'55"
5. Wife's decision Demo♪ 4'17"
6. Wonder of harp 2'38"
7. Mermaid 3'20"
8. Big river of right 1'49"
9. Beautiful Lindos in Rhodes Demo♪ 3'45"
10. Moon, listen to my desire Demo♪ 4'32"
11. My love Demo♪ 4'00"
12. Be in the light 3'07"
13. Advice Demo♪ 2'31"
14. Gossip Demo♪ 2'38"
15. Development in the Mediterranean 2'50"
16. Whirl in the heaven's sky 3'31"
17. Utopia 3'17"
18. Eternal pray Demo♪(*1) 4'06"
* All songs Composed/Played by Erika Kawashimo
* The format of all the demos : MP3 / 60 seconds / 1.8MB
*1 Appeared on the radio, "FMgenki."

18 songs are specially selected in this CD from the harp original songs collection "The Legend of Mermaid - 100 songs".
You'll feel just like a mermaid with the harp in the Greek mythology is playing the fantastic melody praying love, beauty and prosperity.
How do you like to listen to new spiritual music with pure harp sounds?
This CD was introduced in newspapers, radios, wire broadcasting and other media.
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"The Hyogo - Hyogo Square" Aug. 11, '03
"Yomiuri News" Jul. 23, '03
"Kobe News" Jun. 21, '03
"Kasai Public News" Sep. 15, '05
"Kobe News" Jan. 28, '05
Below are messages from people who bought this CD.
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♪ The owner of the shop that is very famous for high-class tofu
We keep playing this CD in the shop everyday. It makes us very calm. I'll order it again to present for a friend of mine.
♪ A woman who goes frequently for the swimming school
I came to want this CD because it played in the swimming school. And I wanna present this CD for a friend advised to listen to Mozart to cure her ears by her doctor.
♪ A man managing the NPO care center
I listened your song on your homepage. I was deeply impressed with the harp tone, at once I orderd. This CD heal my heart everyday.
♪ A housewife
My daughter - 1 year old baby is very glad to listen. When listening, she seems calm, and falls asleep very peacefully.
♪ a woman publishing mail magazines
Very very happy to find this CD! I can't help shedding tears when listening. I've always yearned for this instrument since little. I think a mermaid certainly play such music.
♪ A man managing the body treatment center
By chance I listened to this CD, I came to get it. We keep playing this CD in the center.
♪ A couple managing a company
Our pregnant daughter needed the good music for her baby, we want her to listen to this.
♪ A man managing a wedding company
We play this CD as background music so that our customers can feel happy.
♪ A planner of "Love the Earth"
We work in holidays, and then we play this CD to concentrate on our work.

♪ Introduction of "The Legend of Mermaid - 100 songs" - the harp original songs collection ♪
"If a mermaid play the harp, ..."
Mermaids and heros perform dramatically in the Greek mythology.
I composed these songs to harmonize with the 100 scenes in Greek mythology imagining a mermaid playing the harp.
There are songs which themes are "Aphrodite" (the symbol of love and beauty) or "Hermes" (the hero in Greek mythology) but a mermaid.
We're now planning to release CDs of "The Legend of Mermaid - 100 songs."
We offer the moving(traveling) concert of "The Legend of Mermaid" concert.
The harp live performance of "The Legend of Mermaid" is reputed very well in the wedding ceremonies, receptions, parties or other events!
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